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Welcome to Kyrgyzstan

The food in Kyrgyzstan is a hearty mix of influences from Russia, Asia and Turkey. Expect a lot of bread and meat, noodles, potatoes, dumplings, soups and rice, as well as fresh tomato and cucumber salads. Summer sees an abundance of fruit, picked wild or straight from orchards.

The Games feature spectacular opening and closing ceremonies (the only ticketed events), as well as dance and theatre performances in spectacular traditional costumes. The Kok-boru tournament is the most popular event; a take on polo but involving a dead goat. It has its origins in a time when Kyrgyz hunters would chase wolves, grab them from horseback and then toss them to each other.

Why people choose Marvel Travel Agency?

For the reason that the team of Marvel Travel know how to dwell tourists or travelers coming to Kyrgyzstan into the ancient Kyrgyz culture, history and traditions. The founders of the company loved interacting with foreigners coming to Kyrgyzstan and have been organizing tours and showing around, throughout the years, after talking to many travelers we have identified what would be interesting for a foreigner to see or to get to experience in here. We are interested in making your journey an unforgettable experience. Our company’s management is based on Japanese principles, one of which is “KAIZEN”. We aim to build long - term relationships with our clients, partners and team members therefore, we are focused on continuous improvement of the tours. We are committed to our goal to spread the joy, amazing experience and unforgettable emotions.
The professional travel agents at Marvel Travel Agency have been planning and organizing all-inclusive tours for individuals, families and groups, and we'd love to do the same for you. Call or e-mail us for a consultation regarding our tours and you'll be on your way to your amazing tours!


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Back to the USSR

От $50

Back to the USSR or why Muslim populated nation still has monuments of Lenin and how ‘Soviet culture’ remains in the ‘souls’ of all the newborn generations.

Our team will introduce you to the main sights related to the USSR times in Bishkek. You will get information about how the things were back in the USSR and how it affects lives of new generations. You will get to see and to learn about the most significant buildings, streets, monuments, parks, universities. We will help you to be dwelled in to Kyrgyz Soviet world, while showing the main sights you will be learn about the lives of Soviet Kyrgyz people, starting with kindergarten, educational system, student life and entertainments, cultural diversity back in the USSR, work, production – industry, cultural life and ideology, gender roles, love, institute of marriage,  and ending with the implication and role of the war and extermination of elite topic.

During this thematic excursion, you will learn more about Kyrgyz soul, as our guides will be drawing parallels between how the things were run back then and how is it going now, so you are going to learn about Soviet Union regime and also about Kyrgyz culture in general.