For citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic

Country of arrival Visa Time
Azerbaijan visa-free entry
Antigua and Barbuda visa-free entry 1 month
Armenia visa-free entry
Barbados visa-free entry 28 days
Bangladesh can be on arrival
Belorussia visa-free entry
Vietnam visa-free entry 15 days
Haiti visa-free entry 3 month
Grenada visa-free entry 90 days
Georgia visa-free entry
Dominica visa-free entry 21 days
Jordan can be on arrival
Egypt can be on arrival for $ 25
Kazakhstan visa-free entry
Kenya can be on arrival
Laos can be on arrival
Madagascar can be on arrival
Malaysia visa-free entry 30 days
Maldives visa-free entry
Country of arrival Visa Time
Moldavia visa-free entry 90 days
Mongolia visa-free entry 90 days
Namibia visa-free entry 3 month
Palau can be on arrival
Russia visa-free entry
Samoa Western can be on border 60 days
Seychelles can be on arrival
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines visa-free entry 30 days
Thailand visa 40$
Tanzania can be on arrival
Tuvalu can be on arrival
Tunisia can be on arrival (with terms and conditions, contact us)
Turkey visa-free entry 3 month
Uzbekistan visa-free entry 30 days
Ukraine visa-free entry 90 days
Philippines visa-free entry 10 days
Sri-Lanka can be on arrival for $ 40
Ecuador visa-free entry 90 days
Jamaica can be on arrival
From may 1, 2018 for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic visa to the Chinese island of Hainan on arrival

Electronic visa:

  • UAE: 29 days, 60 days corridor (copies of documents)
  • Morocco: 1 month (copies of documents)
  • Singapore: 9 weeks multi-visa (copies of documents)
  • Australia: original documents, except passport

The Schengen visa:

Full list of documents (package of documents required by the Embassy, part you bring (see short list) the rest we will do for You.

  • Passport valid for at least three months before the planned return;
  • Old passport containing the visa (if any);
  • 3 photos (color, matte), size 3,5x4,5 cm, made without corners and ovals on a light background;
  • Certificate of employment, made on the letterhead of the organization with the signature and stamp. The certificate should contain the following information: position, salary, length of service in the position, contact information (address, phone number of the organization);
  • Work book (original and copy);
  • For individual entrepreneurs, the registration certificate of the firm;
  • Financial proof of stay in the amount of at least 60€ per day (travel checks, certificate of availability of money in the account);
  • Documents confirming social, economic and family ties with Kyrgyzstan (maximum documents): certificate of ownership of an apartment, house, land, etc.; marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, etc.;
  • The original and a copy of the tickets or a confirmation of the ticket reservation, the original ticket must be submitted upon receipt of a visa, you can arrange with us;
  • The insurance policy is valid for the duration of stay in the Schengen area, you can get from us;
  • A photocopy of all pages of the passport containing information can be issued with us;
  • Correctly completed application form

Documents for visa to Thailand:

  • Passport with validity not less than 6 months after homecoming, 2 pages should be free
  • Photo size (3.5 x 4.5 cm).)
  • Proof of financial condition ($700) per person and $ 1,500. for one family in the case of a single visa, and for a multiple-entry visa $ 6,000. per person and $ 11,800. for one family), the statement of the Bank
  • Marriage certificate, birth of children (original and copy)
  • Certificate of employment
  • The application form for a visa to the Kingdom of Thailand can be downloaded here: