Двухдневный конный тур в Чон – Кемине

A wonderful tour to escape from everyday affairs, city life, work!

Двухдневный конный тур в Чон – Кемине

Ущелье Чон-Кемин — это уникальная природная зона, которая  располагается в 150 км на восток от города Бишкек по дороге ведущей до села. На территории долины располагается национальный парк и река. Природа области отличается своеобразной красотой, богата различными маршрутами для пешего и конного туров и рафтинга. Поистине неповторимы и привлекательны своим удобством и красотой ущелья Чон-Кемина. По ущельям Кыргызской Ала — Тоо, в долине Чон-Кемин встречаются редколесья из ели, арчи, берёзы, клёна, рябины и др. В нижней своей части долина имеет высоту 1400 метров, поднимаясь в верхней до 2800. Ущелье двух сторон окружено высокими горами, ледниками и тянь-шанским хвойным лесом. Богат Чон-Кемин и озерами: в бассейне реки Чон-Кемин насчитывается 7 озер, среди которых крупные Кель-Когур.

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Transfer to Chon-Kemin in the morning. Meeting with guide and driver. On the way to the Burana tower. Buran memorial Tower, located 80 kilometers from Bishkek, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Kyrgyzstan. There are important artifacts that tell the history of Kyrgyzstan and its role on the Silk road. Its construction dates back to X—XI centuries. The original height of the tower was not less than 40 m, but its upper part was dropped by an earthquake. Today the height is 21, 7 meters. Next to the tower is the «garden of stones» which contains the so-called «balbals» — ancient tombstones, ancient millstones, and stones with rock paintings. Also near the memorial there is a Museum and other archaeological sites. Lunch on arrival. After a delicious lunch — Hiking.

For a fee you can see:

-horse games: Kok-Boru (goat breeding), Kyz-Kuumai (chasing a girl);

Kok-Boru is an ancient, popular equestrian-sports game among the Kyrgyz. It is a symbiosis of racing and playing. Riders are fighting for the carcass of a goat — it is necessary not only to take possession of it, but also to keep, and then throw in the «Kazan» (gate) of the opposing team.

Kyz Kuumai from Turkic languages is translated as the pursuit of a girl. The game begins with the fact that the rider and his companion go to the racetrack. Girl becomes on 12 – 15 meters ahead. On the judge’s signal starts the jump. After it will slip about 400 meters, the rider starts. If the rider manages to catch up with the girl, he gets the right to hug and kiss her at a gallop. However, in the opposite direction, the participants start in a different order. Now the rider gets a head start, and the girl has to catch up with him. If it will succeed, it shall have the right to beat him with a whip.

Overnight in the guest house.


After Breakfast we go to the horses, horse riding tour (3-4 hours) in the mountains and forests. After horseback riding outdoor recreation – picnic in the fresh air. You will have the opportunity to breathe mountain and fresh air, visit the forest, enjoy the beautiful nature of this amazing area. Return to the guest house. Walk through the area. Departure to Bishkek. The end of the tour.

В стоимость тура входит:

-Accommodation in the guest house
-Horse rental
-Comfortable transport
-Guide service
-Services of a groom, horse guide

Дополнительно оплачивается:

-Display of national games (optional)
-Additional horse riding
-Personal expenses

Соберите собственную группу и путешествуйте с выгодой!

Private tour for one person


Group of 2 people


Group of 3 people


Group of 4 and more people

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