Двухнедельный тур для тех,кто хочет увидеть настоящий Кыргызстан

The most wonderful tour: mountain landscapes, amazing landscapes, natural resources - and all this in one round!

Двухнедельный тур для тех,кто хочет увидеть настоящий Кыргызстан

Кыргызстан — одно из самых живописных мест в Центральной Азии, более две трети его территории занято горами, что проявляется в разнообразии климата, природных ландшафтов, растительного и животного мира. Кыргызстан расположен в Центральной Азии, он граничит с Казахстаном на севере, с Узбекистаном на западе, с Таджикистаном на юго-западе и с Китаем на юго-востоке. Большую часть страны занимают горы, а большую часть в центральной части Кыргызстана занимают горы Тянь-Шаня. Благодаря этому Кыргызстан славится как потрясающе красивое место как нельзя лучше подходящее для пеших прогулок и отдыха на природе. Кыргызстан является обладателем огромных водных ресурсов – 28000 рек и истоков, протяженность которых в среднем 10 км. Для тех, кто хоть раз увидит своими глазами величественную природу Кыргызстана, никогда не забудет живописные высокогорные озера, бурные горные реки, водопады, величественные скалы, целебные источники и вековые ледники. «Жемчужина» Кыргызстана – озеро Иссык-Куль расположено внутри Тянь-Шанских гор, на высоте 1606 м над уровнем моря. Озеро невероятно красивое.

Прекрасная страна для Вашего отдыха!

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Arrival to Bishkek. Accommodation in hotels. After accommodation, a tour of the capital: the main Ala-Too Square, Philharmonic Hall, Osh Market, Oak Park, Historical Museum, ZUM, Victory Park. Lunch at a local teahouse. After a walk through the city, drive to the Ala-Archa National Park, which is located 30 km from the city. Hiking and walking in the park. Here you can relax, breathe in the fresh mountain air, see a twenty-meter waterfall, a Broken Heart stone. Picnic near the waterfall. Return to the hotel.


Visiting Ala-Archa consumes a lot of time, depending on the arrival time we might have some changes on the first day.

2Burana - Cholpon-Ata

In the morning, the Burana tower, located 80 kilometers from Bishkek, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Kyrgyzstan. Also near the tower you can see a small collection of stone idols — points. Small stone figures were created to honor the memory of the deceased, sometimes they were placed at the burial site. These samples of stone products of the 6th century ad are supplemented with petroglyphs of the II century BC, which can be seen at the Buran tower. Museum visit. Departure to Cholpon-Ata. On arrival check in at the track. After the visit to the complex Ruh-Ordo. Ruh-Ordo is a one-of-a-kind open-air Museum on the shore of lake Issyk-Kul in Cholpon-Ata. The complex includes 10 mini-museums, also on the territory of the complex there are expositions of dozens of sculptures and hundreds of paintings, made in a variety of techniques, handmade products, which are carefully passed down from generation to generation. After visiting the complex — sending Karakol. Accommodation in hotel.


Morning sightseeing tour of Karakol :we will visit Russian Orthodox Church, Dungan mosque, Museum of Przhevalsky, the cattle market- Animal market, Tasty lunch at the national restaurant.
Departure to Barskoon. On the way, we will go to the canyon Fairy Tale — is the opportunity to get to another planet. The canyon is famous for its rocks,hills, which have very bizarre and interesting shapes, which in turn were formed millions of years with the help of water,wind and clay. And after a dizzying canyon departure to Barskoon. On arrival we will go Hiking,walk to the waterfall, horseback riding. Overnight in guest house.


Departure to Bokonbaevo in the morning. On arrival walk through the beautiful gorge. Picnic in the fresh air. After lunch, the show of the national game-Salbuurun (hunting with an eagle). From Kyrgyz language «salbuurun» is translated as a «hunting tour». In the ancient times, such young guys — hunters used to go for a few months and used in hunting only birds of prey, faithful dogs and a bow and arrow. It was an equal fight between humans and wildlife, as neither gunpowder nor iron was used. For the young boys who participated in the salbuurun, this trip was an opportunity to prove their bravery and endurance.After this horse riding mini-tour to the bokonbayev panorama,where You will see a stunning view of lake Issyk-Kul and the amazing beauty of the sunset! Then in the evening a bonfire — marshmallow, games, pleasant communication. Night in Yurt camp.


Early in the morning the sunrise (optional). Departure to Kochkor. On the way stop at the reservoir ortho-Tokoy. On arrival in the afternoon familiarization with the culture of nomads — we will see the process of making felt products — shyrdaks- ornamented surface. The finished canvases are distinguished by restrained, calm decor and amazing strength, they can last up to 50 years or more. Also in the shyrdak show you will be able to see the pottery. Night in yurts.

6Son - Kul

In the morning You will find yourself in a picturesque place, where there is a large mountain lake Son-Kol at an altitude of 3016 m above sea level. Here You will be alone and in harmony with nature, see the crystal clear lake,and all the seasons of the year. After lunch or closer to sunset swimming in the lake, horseback riding, walking along the shore of the lake. There will also be a show of national games : Kok-Bor (goat breeding) and Kyz-Kuumai (chasing the girl ). Tasting of national dishes and drinks (kymyz, etc.). Free time. Night in a Yurt.

7Tash - Rabat

Departure to Tash-Rabat. The ancient caravanserai Tash-Rabat is one of the best and unique monuments of Kyrgyzstan,which is located at an altitude of more than 3500 m above sea level. Tash-Rabat was built in the XV century on the site of an ancient monastery of IX-X centuries.

There are two versions of its Foundation: the first — the fortress was founded by Khan who wanted to protect trade caravans from robbers, and at the same time contribute to the development of the country. The second — it was founded by a local rich man, but the construction of this castle did not end for unknown reasons.

Over time, Islam became firmly established in Central Asia, and the monastery began to decline. However, the proximity to the silk road did not allow the temple to turn into a desert. It was used as a caravanserai.

It is believed that Tash-Rabat was a key point in the transition through the Tien Shan, as not only provided shelter for merchants, but also served as a fortification in the raids of robbers. Trade caravans went through Tash-Rabat to the cities of Fergana Valley. This caravan is located in a beautiful place, surrounded by mountains and huge rocks of the At-bashinsky ridge. Also, this area has a very unusual feature — there are a large number of marmots, You are sure to see them. Excursion to Tash-Rabat. Departure to the city of Naryn. Night in hotel.


Naryn is a city surrounded by mountains, located in the coldest and Northern region of the country — in the Naryn region.

Departure to Jalal-Abad via Kazarman, Kara-Koo pass, Sary-KYR. On the way You will see the most majestic landscapes of Kyrgyzstan. Upon arrival accommodation in the rooms. Rest. Night in hotel.


Moving to the southern capital — Osh.Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan and one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. The exact date of its occurrence is unknown. Its written history dates back over a Millennium, and archaeological finds are generally three thousand years old. The main cultural attraction of the city and indeed of Kyrgyzstan, and the first facility in the country, listed as a cultural heritage site by UNESCO, located in the heart of the city of Osh— mountain Suleiman-too (Solomon’s Mountain). This mountain plays a significant role in the moral,spiritual and religious beliefs of the entire Fergana valley. On the southern slope of Sulaiman mountain the evidence of ancient cults of the Islamic period is stored, and ancient agricultural settlements of the bronze age are found. In addition, Osh was one of the religious Muslim centers of Central Asia. On arrival accommodation in hotels. City tour : Osh — Bazaar, Sulaiman — Too, Babur house, lunch in the local chaikan : tasting the most delicious pilaf and samosa. Overnight at hotel.


Departure to Arslanbob. Arslanbob valley is located in the South of Kyrgyzstan and is the location of one of the most beautiful resorts. Arslanbob himself is one of the unique creations of nature, and is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. The main treasure of these southern forests is the walnut tree. In the village of Arslanbob and Arslanbob valley there are walnut trees up to 30 meters high, whose age can exceed 1000 years. There is a version that Alexander the great in his campaigns from here took the nuts to Greece and distributed there and hence the name «Walnut». In the village there are two waterfalls Big waterfall (80 meters) and Small (35 meters). Here is the world’s only large array of relict walnut-fruit forest, which is located at an altitude of 1200-2000 m and covers an area of over 70 thousand hectares. Walnut grows on the Northern slopes of numerous hills and forms whole arrays. Hiking to the waterfall. Picnic. Check in Sary — Chelek. Arrival in the village of Arkit(20km from the lake). Overnight in guest house.

11Sary - Chelek

Departure from the village of Arkit. Coming. Lake Sary-Chelek is a picturesque Alpine reservoir, which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the West of Kyrgyzstan. In Kyrgyz the name «Sary-Chelek» means «yellow bowl». The landscapes here are really beautiful. Foothills meadows and steppes, turbulent rivers and pristine lakes, make an indelible impression, but the main wealth of the reserve – nut-fruit forests – a unique phenomenon, almost nowhere in the world is not found in such a volume. Here You can swim in the crystal clear water, freshen up and relax. The wildlife of the reserve is diverse and colorful. Bears, Martens, porcupines, leopards, lynx, ROE deer, argali, wild boars, as well as 157 species of birds live here under the vigilant protection of man. Walk around the lake. In the evening return to the guest house.


Departure to Chychkan gorge. On the way you can see Toktogul hydroelectric power station — a gigantic dam and the largest reservoir in Central Asia.

The picturesque Chychkan gorge is located on the Bishkek — Osh highway, just behind the Ala-Bel pass at an altitude of 2200 m above sea level. Chicken in Kyrgyz means «mouse». It got its name because the gorge is inhabited by many field mice.The slopes in the Chychkan gorge are covered with Tien Shan firs, juniper, wild thickets of barberry and blackberries. At the bottom of the gorge Chychkan flows turbulent mountain river of the same name.At the bottom of the gorge flows a turbulent river that flows into the Toktogul reservoir, and fill it with numerous streams that flow down from the slopes of the mountains after the melting of mountain snows. There are also several small lakes in the gorge, which are located at an altitude of 3000 meters.
Chicken is famous for its honey. The gorge is rich in flowers and herbs, but because the honey is extremely sweet and tasty. Also, there are many medicinal plants that are used for brewing tea and making various decoctions.

В стоимость тура входит:

-Double occupancy
-Master classes
-Display of national games
-Tasting of national dishes and drinks
-Guide throughout the tour
-Transport throughout the tour
--Entrance fee to the national Park,Museum

Дополнительно оплачивается:

-Air flight
-Additional services in the hotel
-Single occupancy
-Consular fees for visa at the Consulate of Kyrgyzstan
-Registration in Kyrgyzstan
-Horse walk
-Personal insurance

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