Этно 8-дневный тур

Feel like a real nomad!

Этно 8-дневный тур

Этот тур идеален тем, кто давно мечтал ощутить себя настоящим кочевником! Познакомитесь с культурой и обычаями этой страны, увидите древние национальные игры, попробуете напитки и блюда кочевников, будете жить в юрте и многое другое!

Кыргызстан гостеприимная страна кочевников, с сохранившимися традициями и народными ценностями. Природа Кыргызстана — это сочетание гармонии и чистоты. Величественные горы, которые занимают большую часть страны, бурные реки, кристально чистые озера, таинственные пещеры все это вы можете встретить на территории этой страны.

Если Вы готовы действительно отдохнуть от городской суеты, удалиться  подальше от большого мегаполиса, открыть что-то новое и уйти в тихие края, или же, покорять горные вершины, пойдемте с нами! Каждый Ваш день будет насыщенным  и интересным, мы Вам это обещаем !

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1Airport Manas - Bishkek

Arrival, we will meet you at the airport with a guide and you will be dwelled into Kyrgyz culture we will get started with short story about Kyrgyzstan and culture. Then, accommodation in hotels. After breakfast – a tour around the capital.You will see the main square of Ala-Too, ZUM, an open-air gallery where local artists exhibit their works, as well as various monuments, architectural structures, Philharmonic hall, Opera and ballet theatre, Osh Bazaar. After the city tour you will return to the hotels. Overnight at hotel.

2Bishkek – Cholpon-Ata

Early in the morning departure to lake Issyk-Kul. The heart of Kyrgyzstan is lake Issyk-Kul, which is translated from the kyrgyz “hot lake”. Your vast depth of the lake was scattered inside the Tien-Shan mountains at a height of 1 606м. above the sea level. It is one of the 30 largest lakes in the world and in seventh place in the list of the deepest lakes. Lake Issyk-Kul in its own unique place, which is famous for its warm sandy beaches, Alpine meadows, thermal mineral radon springs, coniferous forests. All this splendor is located next to the fascinating mountain peaks and glaciers, including many of the highest mountain verticals. On arrival in Cholpon-Ata city tour of the cultural center of Rukh-Ordo . Rukh Ordo is a one-of-a-kind open-air Museum on the shores of lake Issyk-Kul . There are 10 mini museums in the complex. Also on the territory of the complex there are expositions of dozens of sculptures and hundreds of paintings, made in a variety of techniques, handmade products, which are carefully passed down from generation to generation. After the tour swimming in the therapeutic lake. Free time. Overnight in hotels / guest house.

3Grigoriev gorge (Chon-Ak-Suu)

Morning drive to grigorevskoe gorge. Grigoriev gorge is considered one of the most famous attractions of Issyk-Kul. The sweet smell of pine trees, green mountain slopes, the noise of a mountain river, Alpine lakes lure tourists to Issyk-Kul. In this gorge grow beautiful Tien Shan spruce. If you climb higher ,you will find a beautiful view and a panorama of the entire valley, small waterfalls, lakes. Here you can also take a walk or ride a horse, enjoying the surrounding nature; see semi-wild yaks, demonstrations of handicraft art and art of riding, listen to folk music, drink kumys and even participate in the installation of the Yurt in a real Kyrgyz atmosphere. Also in the gorge You can hunt with a Golden eagle (for an additional fee). In the evening drive back to Karakol. Accommodation in hotels. Overnight at hotel.

4Karakol – Jety-Oguz

In the morning after Breakfast city tour: Dungan mosque without a single nail, Russian Orthodox Church, cattle market, Przewalski Museum, tasting of local cuisine – Ashlam-Shu with pies. After visiting the city check out in Jeti-Oguz. Jety-Oguz gorge (translated from Kyrgyz — “seven oxen”) is located on the Northern slope of the Terskey Ala-Too ridge, from the South of the lake Issyk-Kul, 25 km South-West of Karakol. The length of the gorge — 37 km. In the gorge at an altitude of 2200 m is the resort of Jety-Oguz, known for its therapeutic geothermal springs. The territory of the resort from the North is surrounded by rocks of brick-red sandstones and gravelites. Along with the mountain climate, the main natural healing factors of the Jety-Oguz resort are mineral waters and therapeutic muds. Also this amazing place is famous for its coniferous forests, there are magnificent subalpine and Alpine meadows – jailoo, where you can enjoy the cleanest mountain air. Also in this gorge there are several attractions: the famous Broken Heart — the name of the rock is not accidental, the rock looks like a broken heart. In rainy weather, the rock flowing water is reddish from clay, it adds to the similarity with a bleeding heart, as well as the waterfall “Maiden braids” height of 25 meters. The waterfall can be reached by horse or by foot. Free time. Night in yurts / guest cute houses.

5Jeti-Oguz – Kochkor

After Breakfast departure to Kochkor. On the way, check in the canyons «fairy Tale». Here You will literally find yourself in a fairy tale on another planet. The fairy tale is an amazing place where the most interesting different colors gathered, where for thousands of years different bizarre forms were formed with the help of water, wind and time. Also here You will find a wonderful panorama of Issyk-Kul. In rainy weather or during strong winds the relief of the canyon changes noticeably, and, coming here again, you can see very different images and figures. It is worth adding that in winter there is almost no snow, but because you can see the fairy Tale in all its glory at any time of the year. On arrival in Kochkor after a delicious lunch show shyrdak show. Here you will see the process of making felt, get acquainted with the art of pottery, Kyrgyz national carpet – shyrdak. There will also be an opportunity to try it all yourself. After the shyrdak show departure to Son-Kul. Son-Kul is a large Alpine lake, sandwiched in a basin between the inner spurs of the Tien Shan. Many people call Son-Kul lake «the soul of Kyrgyzstan», as the water of Son-Kul is pure, fresh and transparent. It is also worth noting the pure Alpine air of this place, many tourists who came to son Kul are very pleasantly surprised. Unlike Issyk-Kul, Son-Kul freezes and is covered with ice from September to June. The lake lies on a mountain plain surrounded by meadows (jailoo). Meadows have been used as pastures for animals since ancient times, as evidenced by rock paintings found on the shore of the lake. In the evening arrival at the destination. Night in yurts.

6Son - Kul

In the morning You will find yourself in a surprisingly beautiful place surrounded by mountains, pastures, and of course, see the lake itself . After Breakfast, free time until lunch. At this time, you can walk along the coast of the crystal — clear lake, swim in it. During lunch tasting of national drinks and dishes (koumiss, kurut, bozo, chak-chak and much more). After a hearty lunch, demonstration of national games such as Kok-Boru (goat Polo)-an ancient game of nomads, where horsemen fight over a goat carcass — it is necessary not only to possess it, but to hold and then throw into the «pot» (gate) of the opposing team ; and Kyz-Kuumai (pursuit of the girl). The game begins with the fact that the rider and his companion go to the racetrack. If the rider manages to catch up with the girl, he gets the right to hug and kiss her at a gallop. However, in the opposite direction, the participants start in a different order. Now the rider gets a head start, and the girl has to catch up with him. If it will succeed, it shall have the right to beat him with a whip. After a night in yurts. At night, this fabulous place is even better –a gorgeous night sky with all the constellations and stars that You will remember for a long time.

7Son-Kul - Bishkek

Free time until lunch. After lunch departure to Bishkek. On the way to the city You will see wonderful landscapes and views from the car window : forests, rocks, mountains, reservoirs, lakes. By the way-a visit to the tower Burana. The minaret is part of an ancient Buran settlement. The tower is 12 km from Tokmok and 80 km from Bishkek. Burana — one of the oldest buildings in Kyrgyzstan. The construction of the tower dates back to the 10th and 11th centuries. Initially, the height of the minaret was 40 meters, and according to some researchers, 45 meters. Its top was crowned with a dome-lantern, like other similar structures. But due to the effects of the earthquake, which occurred in about 15-16 centuries, the upper part was destroyed. To date, the height of the tower is 21.7 meters. Near the minaret there are balbals — stone statues. There are 80 sculptures, they are collected from the ancient Turkic burial grounds of the Chui valley. There is also the Issyk-Kul region and the Tien Shan. Also near the tower there is a mini-Museum and other old buildings. On arrival in Bishkek accommodation in hotels. Farewell dinner.

8Returning home

Transfer to the airport. The end of the tour.

В стоимость тура входит:

-Three meals a day
-Accommodation program + early check-in on the day of arrival
-Comfortable transport
-All entrance fees
-Shyrdak show in Kochkor
-Display of national games

Дополнительно оплачивается:

-Flight tickets
-Breakfast on the first day of the tour and dinner on the last day of the tour
-Accommodation in single rooms
-Porter (for personal items)
-Sleeping bag

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